• Secretary-General's Cabinet
<May 2024>
  • To provide information that helps the League of Arab States, its members and specialized organizations to achieve their objectives and implement their development plans in the context of joint Arab action, and to provide data and information to the beneficiaries according to their interests and requests by providing direct search services to the databases prepared by the Secretariat Library. The establishment of an Arab national information center with a high degree of technical and technical development using modern systems and devices so that it is able to make maximum use of the databases and regional and global information networks and cooperate with them. It works as a bridge in which the experiences gained locally, and contributes to the legalization of systems and methods of work in the Arab world, especially with regard to the use of Arabic in modern equipment to store and retrieve documents and information. To deepen and expand the fields of cooperation and coordination between the Arab information and information centers with regional and international information centers, with a view to developing the infrastructure of information exchange in the Arab region to make maximum use of information available in the Arab world.

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