Member States
  • Republic of Iraq
    Head of StateHE President Mohammed Fouad Massoum
    Membership Date22/03/1945
    National Day
    Capital City Baghdad
    National Currency Iraqi Dinar
    Area 437072
    Geographic Location

    The Republic of Iraq is located in the southwest of Asia, it forms the northeast part of the Arab world, bordered by Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the west, the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to the south

    Delegation Information
    Ambassador / Permanent Representative Ambassador / phd. Ahmed Naif Rashed AdDlemy
    Contact Info for Delegation

    Telephone: (202)-27359205

    Fax : (202)-27365075

    9 Mohammed Mazhar st.- Zamalek- Cairo11211

    Email Address:​

    Web Site​

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